Internet child pornography and solicitation of minors over the Internet have recently received a great deal of attention by State and Federal law enforcement and the media. Law enforcement agencies are aggressively targeting people they have reason to believe are involved with internet child pornography and solicitation. This type of crime is unique in that the stigma and embarrassment resulting from an arrest can be just as severe as if you’ve already been convicted. You need a reputable, experienced Atlanta criminal attorney to help prove your innocence. A person convicted of this type of offense could face up to twenty (20) years in prison for each act. In addition, a person convicted of this type of crime will be required to register as a sex offender for at least ten (10) years, and possibly for life, which places severe limits on where you can live, work, and who you can have contact with.

How does Andrew Margolis defend computer pornography cases? It’s not enough for the prosecution simply to prove that there were images on your computer. In today’s world of computer viruses, worms and such, it’s not uncommon for these forbidden images to be downloaded accidentally or without your knowledge from a legitimate adult site. If this has happened to you, we can help you prove it.

What about Internet stings, where clients discover that the person they were talking to in a chat room or on MySpace or Facebook was actually an undercover police officer posing as a child? Depending on how aggressive the officer was during the conversations, you may have a defense of ‘entrapment.’

The minute you suspect you are being investigated for this type of crime, it is critical that you contact an Atlanta criminal attorney experienced in handling computer pornography and internet solicitation cases. The Margolis Legal Group, P.C. has that experience and is ready to help. Call for your free consultation.