Have either of these things happened to you?

  1. You’ve been involved in some kind of argument or dispute with a neighbor. They call the police. A police officer comes out, and after speaking with you, the other guy, and maybe a witness or two, decides you haven’t broken the law, and leaves. The next thing you know, you get a notice in the mail that the other guy has, on his own applied for a warrant against you. You now have to go to Magistrate Court to defend against the charges that the police DIDN’T arrest you for. OR…
  2. You’ve just been assaulted by a neighbor, co-worker, or other individual. You have witnesses. You have pictures. But for some reason, the police can’t or won’t make an arrest.

In both of these cases, you will find yourself in Magistrate Court at a Warrant Application Hearing (also sometimes called a Pre-Warrant Hearing). At this hearing, a magistrate judge will listen to both sides and decide whether there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. In either case, the Atlanta criminal attorneys at the Margolis Legal Group can help.

If you are the accused, and the Judge finds probable cause that you have committed a crime, a warrant will be issued, and you will be arrested. Atlanta criminal attorney Andrew Margolis believes that the best way to win a criminal case is to prevent an arrest in the first place. This is why, at this type of hearing, Andrew Margolis will defend you just as aggressively as if you were in a trial before a jury. We will do everything we can to convince the judge your case should be dismissed.

If you are the victim and are frustrated that the police can’t or won’t help, Andrew Margolis, Atlanta criminal attorney, will use his skills as a former prosecutor to thoroughly present your case to the magistrate judge and persuade the Court to issue an arrest warrant. If the police don’t want to help you, The Margolis Legal Group, P.C. will.