Few family law cases are as emotionally charged as a child custody case.  Whether you are seeking custody or trying to prevent your children from being taken away from you, Atlanta child custody lawyer Andrew Margolis can help.  In custody cases, many inexperienced lawyers will present their cases to a judge only in terms of how much money their client makes, and the material things their client can provide for his or her child.  At The Margolis Legal Group, P.C., we understand that being a parent means much more than simply providing financial support for your child.  Atlanta child custody attorney Andrew Margolis will present your case in human terms and demonstrate to the Court things like the bond between you and your child, your involvement in the life and education of your child, and examples of how you support and nurture your child.  Anyone can simply hand a judge a W-2 form.  Atlanta child custody attorney Andrew B. Margolis will show the Judge why you are a good parent, and why it is in the best interests of the child to be placed with you, or for you to have visitation.  Call for your free consultation with an Atlanta child custody lawyer today.