Whether you are paying or receiving child support, it sometimes becomes necessary to go to court for child support matters.

If your circumstances have changed and you are now paying more child support than you can afford, Atlanta child support lawyer Andrew Margolis can help you get back into court and show the Judge why your payments should be lowered.

If you are receiving child support, but are not receiving as much as you should be, Andrew Margolis can help you get back into court and correct the situation.

Are you supposed to be receiving child support, but the other party is refusing to pay? Attorney Andrew B. Margolis can help you make sure the other parent does what he has been court-ordered to do.

Are you being dragged into court unfairly for failure to pay child support? Andrew Margolis can help.

Whatever your child support issue, family law attorney Andrew B. Margolis has the knowledge, experience and determination to handle your situation. Call today for your free consultation with an Atlanta child support attorney.