Divorce, even if uncontested, can be nerve-wracking and emotional. We don’t always make the best decisions when we’re emotional. Whether you’re contemplating filing for divorce, or have been served with papers, it’s important to be represented by someone who understands your rights and responsibilities, knows when to negotiate and when to play hardball, and who will make sure you are protected and not taken advantage of.

If you expect your divorce to be uncontested, Atlanta divorce lawyer Andrew Margolis will work with you and your spouse, or your spouse’s attorney, to construct a settlement that accurately and legally reflects what you both have agreed to. If there are some unresolved issues or points of contention, Andrew Margolis will help you work through them and resolve the situation. We will do our best to make sure your uncontested divorce goes through as quickly and painlessly as possible. We represent clients in Atlanta, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett and throughout Georgia.

If you are involved or expect to be involved in a contested divorce, you need an aggressive, experienced and determined divorce attorney who can help you enforce your rights under the law. Atlanta divorce attorney Andrew B. Margolis and The Margolis Legal Group, P.C. will fight hard to make sure your rights are protected when it comes to the division of real estate and other property and assets such as retirement pay. Andrew Margolis will make sure you are not taken advantage of when it comes to alimony and support. Atlanta divorce law firm, The Margolis Legal Group, P.C. will make sure the best interest of your children are protected as well. We will stand by you through the entire process and guide you from day one through your final hearing.

Keep in mind that if you have been served with papers, you must respond within thirty (30) days or risk losing important rights. Call The Margolis Legal Group, P.C. and speak to an experienced Atlanta divorce attorney today.